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Solutions for Companies Buying from Turkey
Turkey is a leading manufacturer of textiles and textile related products for European countries. Because of its close proximity to the European consumption centers and the high quality and complexity of its products, European companies favor Turkey as a point of purchase for their products.

Why do Europeans favor Turkey as their production site?
Lower labor costs.
An experienced country for textile manufacturing with a huge work force dedicated to higher end products
Unlike mass economies ex. China, Turkish companies can produce smaller orders.
Fast delivery terms for production in Turkey, as well as fast transit times and low costs for international transport.
A perfect country for European companies that are willing to do “Fast Fashion”.

ICL Services for Companies that have goods manufactured in Turkey are:
Full Truck load services for textile goods. ( boxed or hanged )
Regular and frequent LTL/Groupage/Partial shipment services to %90 of the continent Europe.
Air freight services for fast delivery requirements
Sea freight services for OverSeas Shipments.
Consolidation/Value Added services/ Quality Checks in ICL Textile dedicated warehouses
Customs procedures and clearences.
Consulting on Quota Limits and Supplier Compliances
Vendor management/ reporting / KPI Filling

Solutions for Exporters to Turkey
Turkey, with a population of over 70 million people has a major consumption market for international brand names. ICL is a leading logistics service provider in Turkey for such leading names. One needs to live in Turkey to understand the obstacles that logistics companies face due to store locations and the traffic conditions within the cities. There is massive amount of land to cover and all of the stores are not close in proximity to each other. Local traffic regulations also make life difficult for companies performing delivery services in Turkey.

ICL is one of the very few companies in Turkey to have a distribution route plan and regular delivery services for the fashion industry in Turkey. ICL also owns a modern hanging garment warehousing facility that can hold one million pieces (9,000 sq.m.) as well as a 9,000 sq.m. warehouse solely dedicated for packed shipments for the fashion industry.

ICL Services for Fashion Industry:

Global Freight Management:

1. FTL/LTL Services from Europe to Turkey
2. Air freight from around the world to Turkey
3. Sea freight / local consolidation services from around the world to Turkey
4. Customs clearance services in Turkey
5. Customs Bonded warehousing in Turkey
6. Local Representation

Local Solutions in Turkey:

1. GOH ( Garments on Hangers) Warehousing
2. General warehousing for Packed Goods
3. Value Added Services ( Pick & Pack, Bar Coding, Re-pricing and packing, Invoicing)
4. Local store distribution Services
5. Customer Care Services

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