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As a result of the 2007/2008 world financial crisis, the retail sector was also hit hard; this was due to the decrease in buying power of consumers. This situation has added value to the already important role of logistics in the retail sector.

ICL is working with some of the top retailers in Turkey for their transport and logistics needs. Customers can choose to work with ICL for full supply chain management services or the specific ICL services that they need for their business.

Customers using ICL Retail Services benefit from the already existing distribution channels as well as the operational value added service expertise.

ICL‘s Core Competencies for Retail Sector

The know-how on the sector needs
Warehouses that fit the retail sector needs
The already existing Retail Distribution System with ICL owned fleet
The IT System can provide much needed reports and inventory management systems for the customers

ICL Retail Services / Transport and Distribution

International LTL / FTL Transport Services Air Freight
Sea freight In-land distribution or collection Services
Retail Delivery Services Route management

ICL Retail Services / Warehousing and Value Added

Storage (Free and Bonded) Bar coding and ticketing
Pick & Packing Pallet and Box preparation
Quality / Conformity Check  

ICL Retail Services / Customer Service

Inventory management Vendor Management
Customs Services KPI reporting
Customer Relations Invoicing
Document Management  
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