Group Sites

Every now and then, the smallest detail is significant enough to make a big difference. It is our dedication to these small details that differentiates us from our competitors. At ICL, we strive to keep up with all new developments technology has to offer. We train our employees to pamper our customers and make them feel valued. No matter how large our company will grow in the future, we always want our customers to feel that they are working with a close-knit family owned business that still has the capabilities of a larger global group.

System Development
Every customer is unique. In ICL, we sit down together with our customers to design the best solution for them.
Equipment / Infrastructure
When a customer decides to work with ICL, it automatically accesses one of the largest logistics structures of the region.

Staff Trainings
ICL's staff is consistently trained on quality assurances, customer service and service levels.

Driver Unity
Our drivers are our family. Without them we would not exist. ICL is a keen supporter of the 'Driver Unity'.

Customer Management
ICL has two customer management centers. One is for Customers from Turkey and the other for Internationals.