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ICL (International Transport and Logistics Company / INTERCOMBI) is an international freight management company based in Istanbul, Turkey. Although the name ICL was adopted in 2004, the roots of the company can be traced back over twenty five years. ICL has grown substantially over the past four years and we are now considered to be one of the most predominant companies in the Turkish Transport and Logistics Sector.

ICL currently own eight companies in addition to twelve transport and logistics brands in the industry. With a work force totaling over 3,500 employees and one of the most powerful transport and logistics infrastructures in Turkey, ICL is also one of the largest regional transport companies in Eastern Europe and the Middle East.

Our core competency comes from the reliable services and system solutions we provide to our customers. Our management team is comprised of highly skilled individuals and professionals who serve as managing directors while reporting to the Board Members of the group companies.

Group Companies
INTERCOMBI Transport and Logistics A.S
ÖZGÜR Intergrated Transport A.S
ICL GmbH (Germany)
INTERCOMBI Danube Srl. (Romania)
NET Energy A.S
VP Auto & Fleet Leasing Services A.S
Additional Sub-Brands
Polar Express (Polar XP)
NET Filo